{meta: 建议调: 1=bE} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=3} {comment: 第一段} [C]What a friend we have in [F]Jesus, [C]All our sins and griefs to [G]bear! [C]What a privilege to [F]carry [C]Every-[G]thing to God in [C]prayer! [G]O what [G7]peace we often [C]for-[Am7]feit, [F]O what [C]need-less pain we [G]bear, [C]All because we do not [F]car-ry [C]Every-[G]thing to God in [C]prayer. {comment: 第二段} [C]Have we trials and temp-[F]ta-tions? [C]Is there trouble [G]any-where? [C]We should never be dis-[F]cour-aged; [C]Take it [G]to the Lord in [C]prayer. [G]Can we [G7]find a friend so [C]faith-[Am7]ful [F]Who will all [C]our sor-rows [G]share? [C]Je-sus knows our every [F]weak-ness; [C]Take it [G]to the Lord in [C]prayer. {title:What a friend we have in Jesus} {artist:英文赞美诗} {author:喜二郎}
浙江 温州