{meta:有偿扒谱加微信} {meta:173 5135 2215} {meta:1 1/3} {comment: A1} [C] when i was [C]young i'd listen to the [Em]radio waiting [Am]for my [Am/G]favorite [Am]songs when they [Fmaj7]played i'd sing a[Em]long it made me s[Dm]mile [F] [F] [G] {comment: } those were such [C]happy times and not so [Em]long ago how i [Am]wondered [C/G]where they'd [Fmaj7]gone [Em]but [Em7/D]they're [Am]back again just like a [Am/G]long lost friend all the [F]songs i [Dm7]love so [G]well {comment: B} [F]eve[G]ry [C]shalala every [Am]wowo still [C]shine[Am] every [C]singaling that theyre s[Am]tart to sing so [Dm7]fine[G] when they [Am]get to the par where he's [Caug]breaking her heart it can [C]really make me [Am]cry just like be[C]fore [Fmaj7] it's yesterday once [Cmaj7]more [Dm7] [Dm] {comment: A2} [C] looking [C]back on how it was in [Em]years gone by and the [Am]good times [Am/G]that i [Am]had makes to[Fmaj7]day seem rather [Em]sad so much has [Dm]changed [F] [F] [G] {comment: } it was [C]songs of love that i would [Em]sing to them and i'd [Am]memo[C/G]rize each [Fmaj7]word [Em]those [Em7/D]old [Am]melodies still sound so [Am/G]good to me as they [F]melt the [Dm7]years [G]away {title:Yesterday Once More} {artist:Carpenters}
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