{title:Moon River} {artist:未知歌手} {author:王浩东} {meta: 原调: 1=C} {meta: 选调: 1=G} {meta: Capo=0} {comment: 3/4拍} {comment: 前奏} [G] [G] {comment: 主歌 A} [G]Moon [Em]river [C]wider than a [G]mile I'm [C]crossing you in [G]style some [Am]day [B7] Oh, [Em]dream [G7]maker you [C]heart [F]breaker Wher[Em]ever you're [C♯dim]going I'm [Bm7]go [E7]ing your [Am]way [D7] [G]Two [Em]drifters [C]off to see the [G]world there's [C]such a lot of [G]world to [Am]see [B7] We're [Em]af [Em7]ter the [A9]same [C♯dim]rainbow's [Gmaj7]end [C] Waiting round the [Gmaj7]bend [C] My huckleberry [Gmaj7]friend [Em7]moon [Am]river [D7]and [G]me [G]月 [Em]融了 [C]滴在我脸[G]上 淹 [C]没我的悲[G]伤 几[Am] 两 [B7] 说[Em]梦 [G7]的人 害[C]惨 [F]了人 生命[Em]躲进[C♯dim]梦乡 他[Bm7]笑 [E7]得很 [Am]笨 [D7] [G]你 [Em]来了 [C]沾湿了星[G]光 往[C]永恒的水[G]上 凝[Am]望 [B7] 对[Em]我 [Em7]说 个[A9]谎 [C♯dim]是绝 [Gmaj7]望 带来了希[Gmaj7]望 [C] 黑暗的另一[Gmaj7]端 [Em7]是 [Am]月亮 [D7]是 [G]我
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