{meta: m3 b5 b6} {comment: X*4} [Em] [A] {comment:A1} [Em]Blue, [A]blue, my [D]world is [G]blue, [Em]Blue is my [C]world now I'm [D]without [G]you. [Em]Gray, [A]gray, my [D]life is [G]gray, [Em]Cold is my [C]heart since [B]you went [Em]away. {comment: X*2} {comment:A2} [Em]Red, [A]red, my [D]eyes are [G]red, [Em]Crying for [C]you a[D]lone in my [G]bed. [Em]Green, [A]green, my [D]jealous [G]heart, [Em]I doubted [C]you and [B]now we're a[Em]part. {comment: X*2} {comment:B} [E]When [A]we [E]met, how the [A]bright sun [E]shone. [C#m]Then love [F#m]died, now the [B]rainbow is [E]gone. {comment: X} {comment:A3} [Em]Black, [A]black, the [D]nights I've [G]known, [Em]Longing for [C]you so [D]lost and a[G]lone. [Em]Gone, [A]gone the [D]love we [G]knew, [Em]Blue is my [C]world now [B]I'm without [Em]you. {comment: X*2 B} {comment:A1} [Em]Blue, Ablue, my [D]world is [G]blue.. [Em]Blue is my [C]world now [B]I'm without [Em]you. {comment: X*2} {title:Love is Blue} {artist:Andre Popp}
江苏 扬州