{title:Lord I lift your name on high} {artist:MercyMe} {author:David Huang} {meta: 原调: 1=G} {comment: 主歌 A} [G]Lord I [C]lift Your name on [D]high [C] [G]Lord I [C]love to sing Your [D]praises [C] [G]I'm so [C]glad You're in my [D]life [C] [G]I'm so [C]glad You came to [D]save us {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} [G]You came from [C]heaven to [D]earth To [C]show the [G]way From the [C]earth to the [D]cross My [C]debt to [G]pay From the [C]cross to the [D]grave From the [B]grave to the [Em]sky Lord I [D]lift Your name [G]on high {end_of_chorus} {comment: 譜曲有任何建議可以發送至david.huang80524@gmail.com} {comment: 我會再進行修正, 謝謝:)}
David Huang