{meta: 女选调: 1=C 可夹两品} {meta: 男选调: 1=F} {meta: 3/4拍} {comment: 参考华尔兹节奏} {rhythm: (14 3) (2 1) (2 3)| d (d u)(d u)} {comment: A 段} A[C]mazing [C7]Grace, how [F]sweet the [C]sound. That [C]saved a [Am]wretch like [G]me. [G7] I [C]once was [C7]lost but [F]now I'm [C]found, Was [Am]blind but [G7]now I [C]see. [C] {comment: B 段} T'was [C]grace that [C7]taught my [F]heart to [C]fear And [C]grace my [Am]fear re[G]lieved [G7] How [C]precious [C7]did that [F]grace ap[C]pear, The [Am]hour I [G7]first be[C]lieved. [C] {comment: C 段} Through [C]many [C7]dangers, [F]toils and s[C]nares I [C]have al[Am]ready [G]come [G7] Tis [C]grace has [C7]brought me [F]safe thus [C]far And [Am]grace will [G7]lead me [C]home. [C] {comment: D 段} When [C]we've been [C7]there ten [F]thousand [C]years Bright [C]shining [Am]as the [G]sun;[G7] We've [C]no less [C7]days to [F]sing God's [C]praise Than [Am]when we [G7]first be[C]gun.[C] {title:奇异恩典 Amazing Grace} {artist:美国乡村福音歌曲} {author:小强Steven}
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