{meta: Capo=2} The [Em]club isn't the best [Am]Place to find a lover, so the [C]bar is where I [D6]go Just [Em]me & my friends at the [Am]table doing shots, drinking [C]fast & then we talk [D6]slow Come [Em] & start up a conver[Am]sation with just me and tr[C]ust me I'll give it a [D6]chance now Take [Em]my hand, stop, put [Am]Van the Man on the Jukebo[C]x & then we star[D6]t to dance, & I'm singing like {start_of_chorus} [Em]Girl, you know I w[Am]ant your love, [C]your love was hand[D6]made for somebody like me [Em] Come on now, [Am]follow my lead, [C]I may be crazy, [D6]don't mind me Say [Em]boy, let's not [Am]talk too much, Gr[C]ab on my waist and [D6]put that body on me [Em] Come on now, [Am]follow my lead, [C]Come on now, follow my lead hmmm... [Em] I'm in [Am]love with the shape of [C]you, we push and [D6]pull like a magnet do [Em] Although my [Am]heart is falling [C]too, I'm in [D6]love with your body [Em] Last nig[Am]ht you were in my roo[C]m, & now my bed[D6]sheets smell like you [Em] Every day discov[Am]ering something brand ne[C]w, I'm in lo[D6]ve with your body [Em]Oh-I-oh-I-[Am]oh-I-oh-[C]I, I'm in Lo[D6]ve with your body [Em]Oh-I-oh-I-[Am]oh-I-oh-[C]I, I'm in Lo[D6]ve with shape of... {end_of_chorus} [Em]One week in we let the [Am]story begin, We're going out[C] on our first [D6]date But you & [Em]me are thrifty, so [Am]go all you can eat, Fill up your[C] bag & I fill up a [D6]plate We talk for h[Em]ours & hours about the s[Am]weet & the sour, & how your [C]family is doing [D6]okay Leaving & [Em]get in a taxi, ki[Am]ss in the backseat, Tell the [C]driver make the radio pl[D6], & I'm singing like [Em] Come on, be my [Am]baby, come on, [C] Come on , be m[D6]y baby, come on [Em] Come on, be my [Am]baby, come on, [C] Come on , be my baby, come on {title:Shape of You} {artist:Ed Sheeran}
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