{meta: 选调: 1=G} {meta: Capo=4} [G]When I close my eyes think of [D]you And the time we’ve had been [Em]through Even though were far [D]apart right now [G]I remember back when you were [D]here with me How you’ve [Bm]make my world com[C]plete But [D]now I’m left [G]alone We talked [C]about love and hope Wishing we could [A7]start a life our [Em]own I [Am]wish that I could live without [D]you Why did you [G]tear my heart [D]apart You said you’ll [Em]love me from the [D]start And those [C]painful things you’ve [G]put me through But [Am]I’m still loving [D]you I’ve tried to [G]give my best to [D]you I don’t de[Bm]serve the things you [Em]do Every[Am]thing has gone to [G]memories I just [C]wish I konw the [D]truth behind the [G]lies {title:I'm Still Loving You} {artist:连诗雅} {author:Runcie}
广东 广州