{meta: 选调: 1=C} {comment: 主歌 A} {start_of_chorus} [C] It's my false alarm是我虚惊一场 [C] Flashing all around世事纷纷扰扰 I can wipe [G]out you sweet love [Am]亲爱的我以为能将你抹去 [C7] Losing memories 忘掉回忆 [G] smiling on the street在街上嬉戏 [Am]Red lights fading red lights fading好似消逝中的灯火 [C7] I can fake a smile go back to the wild 我能假装微笑狂放不羁 I go [G]dancing with a shark甚至肆意起舞 [C7] If that's what you asked如果那时你的本意 [Am]I'm falling apart [G#m]red lights fading starlight shining让我分崩离析如灯火渐逝敌不上星光熠熠 {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} [Am]And i will let [G]you go just to see my [Asus2]face turn red 我将放开你就让你看到我脸上的红晕 [Em]This silent protest这寂静的抗议 [G]Let me down let me down [C7]motionless till [Am]i'm shredded 你让我失望一动不动的直到我粉碎 [Am]And i will let go [G]again just to see my [Asus2]thought crumble 我将再次放手让你看到我崩溃的梦想 [Em]I'm your broken heart就像你千疮百孔的心 [G]Red lights blinding i [C7]can see myself again[Am] 灯火渐逝我会重新看到自己 {title:Red lights fading(小时代插曲)} {artist:sonia} {author:八九才九八} {define: Ax0 frets 0 0 0 0 0 0 fingers 0 0 0 0 0 0}
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