{meta: 原调:C | 拍号:4/4} {meta: 首音:G} {comment: A} You are my [C]sunshine[C], my only [C]sunshine[C], You make me [F]happy[F] when skies are [C]gray[C]. You’ll never [F]know dear[F], how much I [C]love you[C], Please don’t [C]take my [F]sunshine a[C]way[C]. {comment: B} The other [C]night dear[C], as I lay [C]sleeping[C], I dreamed I [F]held you[F] in my [C]arms[C]. When I a[F]woke dear[F], I was mis[C]taken[C], So I [C]hung my [F]head and [C]cried[C]. {title:You Are My Sunshine (C)} {artist:张靓颖} {author:高小歪} {define: F frets 0 0 1 0 fingers 0 0 1 0}