{meta: 微信: mylovesheselina} 【【【请勿转发至音乐之家 谢谢】】】 有疑问的亲可以加右上角微信 可在微信求谱 或者有其他需求都能尽力帮助 -------------------------------------- A:All my [D]life I've always [G]wanted to have [Bm]one day just for [G]me A:[A]Nothing to do, and for [D]once nowhere I [Bm]need to [A]be A:With no [D]lessons, lords, or [G]lunches or “to [Bm]do” list in the [G]way A:[A]No one to say when to [D]eat or read or [Bm]leave or st[G]ay A:That would be the [Bm]day - E:All my [D]life I've always [G]wanted to have [Bm]one day for mys[G]elf E:[A]Not waking up with a [D]pile of work on [Bm]every [A]shelf E:With no [D]hems in need of [G]pressing and no [Bm]sleeves in disar[G]ray E:[A]No wedding gown with a [D]thousand stitches [Bm]to cro[G]chet E:[D] And no debt to [G]pay W:Madame Carp! C:What do you think I'm running here, a cabaret? E:I would've said a debtors' prison. C:Keep laughing. You'll be working for me for another 37 years. E:But I've already paid off more than half. C:But there's interest. Your parents should've thought of that before borrowing so much. E: They did it to feed me. C:Their mistake. E:[G]What would it be like to be A:What would it be like to be [F#m]free E:Free[C#m] A:[F#m]Free to try crazy [C#m]things E:Free from endless IO[E]Us A:[F#m]Free to fly E:[C#m]Free to sing A:And [F#m]marry whom I choose Q:I'm so sorry,my darling. But as you know,it is vital you marry king Dominick. It is the only may to take care of our people. A:I know.It's my duty. Q:And look!Another engagement gift. A:You would [D]think that I'm so [G]lucky that I [Bm]have so many [G]things A:[A]I'm realizing that [D]every present [Bm]comes with st[A]rings E:Though I [D]know I have so [G]little, my de[Bm]termination's str[G]ong E:[A]People will gather a[D]round the world to [Bm]hear my [G]song W:[D] Can I come [G]along? [D] A:[G]Now I fear I'll never be E:[A]Soon I will forever be both:[F#m]Free [A] both:[Bm]I close my eyes and [G]feel myself fly a [A]thousand miles [Bm]away both:I could take flight, but [G]would it be right? both:My [A]conscience tells me “S[F#m]tay” A:I'll re[E]main forever r[A]oyal E:I'll r[C#m]epay my parents’ d[A]ebt both:[Bm]Duty means doing the [E]things your heart may [C#m]well re[Bm]gret A:But I'll [E]never stop bel[A]ieving E:She can [C#m]never stop my s[A]chemes both:[Bm]There's more to living than [E]gloves and gowns and [C#m]threads and [A]seams both:In my [Bm]dreams both:I'll be [E]free {end_of_chorus} {title:Free} {artist:Barbie} {author:张小张}
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