{meta: Key:Ebm} {meta: Capo:6} {meta: Play:Am} {comment: A1 (Verse 1)} [Am] I was sure by now [F] God, you would have reached down[C] And wiped our [G]tears away Stepped in and [Am]saved the day But once a[F]gain, I say "A[C]men," and it's still [G]raining {comment: B (Pre-Chorus)} [Dm] As the thunder rolls I [F]barely hear your whisper through the [C]rain "I'm [G]with you" And [Dm]as your mercy falls I [F]raise my hands and praise the God who [C]gives And takes a[G]way {comment: C (Chorus)} [Am] And I'll praise you in this s[F]torm And I will lift my [C]hands For you are who you [G]are No matter where I am[Am] And every tear I've [F]cried You hold in your [C]hand You never left my [G]side And though my heart is [Dm]torn[F] I will praise you in this s[G]torm {comment: A2 (Verse 2} I remember when I stumbled in the wind You heard my cry to you And raised me up again My strength is almost gone How can I carry on If I can't find you {comment: D (Bridge)} [Dm] I lift my eyes unto the hills [F] Where does my help come from? [C] My help comes from the Lord The [G]maker of Heaven and Earth {title:Praise You In This Storm} {artist:Casting Crowns} {author:奕安 (台灣4C教會)}