{meta: 原调: 1=A} [A] My Jesus[E] my Savior [F#m] Lord there is no[E]ne like You [D]All of my days [A]I want to praise [F#m7]The wonders of Your [G]mighty [E]love [A] My comfort[E] my shelter [F#m]Tower of ref[E]uge and strength [D] Let every breath [A]and all that I am [F#m7] Never cease to [G]wor[D/F#]ship [E]You {comment: 副歌} [A]Shout to the Lord[F#m7] all the Earth [D]·let us sing [A]Power and maj[F#m7]esty praise [D] to the King [F#m7]Mountains bow down and the seas [D] will roar At the [E]sound [D/F#]of Your [E]name [A]I sing for joy[F#m7] at the work [D] of Your hands For[A]ever I'll love[F#m7] you forev[D]er I'll st[E]and [F#m7]Nothing compares To the prom[D]ise I have in [A]you {title:Shout to the lord} {artist:Carman}
陕西 渭南