{meta: 原调: 1=#C} {meta: 选调: 1=C} {meta: Capo=1} {comment: 前奏/间奏} {start_of_tab} @F G C |dx--dxdxux|dx--dxdxux|dx-----| |dx--dxdxux|dx--dxdxux|dx-----| |dx--dxdxux|dx--dxdxux|dx-----| |dx--dxdxux|dx--dxdxux|dx-----| |dx--dxdxux|dx--dxdxux|dx-----| |dx--dxdxux|dx--dxdxux|dx-----| % ------% ------ % ----% ---- {end_of_tab} 吉他扒谱交流+v:LM2018ML 如果你有找不到的谱,看不懂的谱,不会的乐理 吉他弹唱曲谱 吉他指弹技巧与练习方法,都可以+v,我们可以一起交流,欢迎提问。 {comment: 主歌 A} What's the [F]trick I wish I [G]knew I'm so [C]done with thinking through All the [F]things I could've [G]been And I [C]know you want me too All it [F]takes is that one [G]look at you And I [Em]run right back to [Am]you You cross that [Dm]line and it's [G]time to say F [C]you {comment: 主歌 B} What's the [F]point in saying [G]that When you [C]know how I'll react You think you [F]can just take it [G]back But shit [C]just don't work like that You're the [F]drug that I'm [G]addicted to And [Em]I want you so [Am]bad Guess I'm [Dm]stuck with [G]you and that's [C]that {comment: 副歌} {start_of_chorus} 'Cause when it [F]all falls [G]down then [C]whatever When it [F]don't work [G]out for the [C]better If it [F]just ain't [G]right and it's [Em]time to say good[Am]bye When it [Dm]all falls down when it [G]all falls down I'll be [Am]fine (Dala[G]da dala [C]daladalada~) I'll be [F]fine (Dala[G]da dala [C]daladalada~) You're the [F]drug that I'm [G]addicted to And [Em]I want you so [Am]bad but I'll be [Dm]fine (Da[G]la~ da[C]la~) {end_of_chorus} {comment: 主歌 C} Why we [F]fight I don't [G]know We [C]say what hurts the most Oh I [F]tried staying [G]cold but you [C]take it personal All these [F]firing shots and [G]making ground It's [Em]way too hard to [Am]cope But I [Dm]still can't [G]let you [C]go {title:All falls down} {artist:alan walker / noah cyrus / juliander} {author:君安}
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