{comment: 前奏 / 间奏} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: w - - - | w - - -}节奏型一 {rhythm:(d (o u)) ((~ u o u)) }{rhythm:(d (o u)) ((~ u o u)) } {rhythm:(d (d d u)} 【Intro】节奏型1 [C]Uh-uh-uh [G]Uh-uh-uh,[Am] uh-uh,[Dm]uh-uh 【Verse 1】节奏型2 [C]Stand there like a [G]ghost Shaking from the [Am]rain (rain)[Dm] [C]She'll open up the[G] door and say, "Are you[Am] insane?"[Dm] [C]See it's been a[G]long six[Am] months[Dm] [C]And you were too [G]afraid to tell her what you [Am]want [Dm] And that's how it[C] works [G] That's how you get the[Am] girl 【Pre-Chorus】节奏型2 And then you say, [C]I want you for[G]worse or for better [Am]I would wait for[Dm]ever and ever [C]Broke your heart, I'll [G]put it back together [Am]I would wait for[Dm]ever and ever 【Chorus】节奏型2 [C]And that's how it [G]works And how you get the [Am]girl, girl[Dm] (oh-ohhh) [C]And that's how it[G] works And how you get the[Am] girl, girl[Dm] 【Dm扫一下】 【Verse 2】节奏型1 [C] Remind her how it [G]used to[Am]be (be)[Dm] Yeah-yeah,[C] with pictures in [G]frames of kisses on [Am]cheeks[Dm] [C] Tell her how you must have [G]lost your [Am]mind[Dm] [C] When you left her all [G]alone and never told her [Am]why[Dm] And that's how it [C]works That's how you lost the[G]girl And now you say...【Pre-Chorus+Chorus】 【Bridge】节奏型3 And[C] you know that [G]I don't [Am]want you to go-[Dm]o-o [C] Remind me how it [G]used to [Am]be[Dm] [C] Pictures in [G]frames of kisses on [Am]cheeks [Dm] And say you want me[C]【C扫一下】 And then you say... 【Pre-Chorus 最后结尾加个C和弦】 {title:How You Get The Girl} {artist:Taylor Swift} {author:豆佯}
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