{meta: Key: 1=G} {comment: Rhythm Pattern} {rhythm: d (d u) (d u) (d u)} {comment: Verse} [G]L, is for the way you [D7]look at me [D7]O, is for the only [G]one I see [G7]V, is very very, [C] extra-ordinary [A7]E, is even more than [D7]any[X]one that you adore {comment: Hook} And [G]love, is all that I can [D7]give to you [D7]Love, is more than just a [G]game, for two [G7]Two, in love can make it [C]Take my heart, and [C#dim7]please don't break it [G]Love, was [D7]made for me and [G]you {comment: Repeat Singing...} {title:L-O-V-E} {artist:Nat King Cole} {author:Eagle}
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