Capo 6 {comment: X*4} [A] [Em] [Em] [Bm] {comment: A1} [A]Lights go out and I [Em]can't be saved, [Em]tides that I tried to [Bm]swim against Have [A]brought me down up[Em]on my knees, [Em]oh I beg I [Bm]beg and plead, singing [A]Come out of [Em]things unsaid, [Em]shoot an apple [Bm]off my head, and a [A]Trouble that [Em]can't be named, [Em]tigers waiting [Bm]to be tamed, singing {comment: B*2} [A] Yooooo[Em]uuuu [Em] [Bm]are {comment: X*2} {comment: A2} [A]Confusion [Em]never stops, [Em]closing walls and [Bm]ticking clocks, gonna [A]Come back and [Em]take you home, I [Em]could not stop the [Bm]tune now known, singing [A]Come out up[Em]on my seas, [Em]curse missed oppor[Bm]tunities, am I [A]A part [Em]of the cure, or [Em]am I a part of [Bm]the disease? Singing {comment: B*2 X*2 B*2} {comment: C} [C] And nothing else com[G]paaaar[D]es [C] Oh nothing else com[G]paaaar[D]es [C] And nothing else comp[G]aaaaaa[D] aaaaa[C]aaaaa[C]aaaaa[C]ares[C] {comment: X*4 B*2} {comment: D*4} [A]Home, [Em]home, where I [Em]wanted to [Bm]go {comment: X*4} {title:Clocks} {artist:`Coldplay} {author:Coldplay}
江苏 扬州