{meta: 原调: 1=G} [G]God will make a way[D] Where there [Em]seems To be no way[Bm] He [C]works in ways We [G]cannot see [C]He will make a way[Am] for me [G]He will be my gu[D]ide Hold me [Em]closely To His side[Bm] With [C]love and strength For [G]each new day [C]He will make a way [Am]He will make a way[G] By a [Eb]roadway In the wild[F]erness He'll [Eb]lead m[Bb]e and [Eb]Rivers in the De[F]sert will I see[G] [C]Heaven and earth will fade[D] But His [Bm]word will still remain[Em] [Am]He will do [D]something new today[B] {title:God Will Make a Way} {artist:Don Moen}
陕西 渭南