{meta: Capo=1} {comment: 前奏 Intro} 用第一个节奏型 弹奏一次 C Em D 再用第二个节奏型 弹奏一次 C Em D {start_of_tab} {end_of_tab} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (w) (w) (w) (0)} {rhythm: (w w)(w w) (w )(0)} {rhythm: (d) (d)(d)(d u)} {comment: 第三个节奏型重拍在第三拍} {comment: Verse} 使用第一个节奏型 He said "[C]Let's get out of this [Em]town" Drive out of the [D]city Away from the crowds I thought "[C]Heaven can't help me [Em]now" Nothing lasts for[D]ever {comment: Verse} 用第三个节奏型 轻柔一些 But this is gonna take me [C]down He's so tall and [Em]handsome as hell [D]He's so bad but does it so well [C]I can see the end[Em] as it begins My [D]one condition is... {comment: Churos} 仍然第三个节奏型 响亮一些 [G]Say you'll remember [D]me Standing in a[Am] nice dress Staring at the s[C]unset, babe [G]Red lips and rosy [D]cheeks Say you'll see me [Am]again Even if it's [C]just in your [G]wildest [D]dreams...[Am] [C] [G]wildest [D]dreams...[Am] [C] {comment: Bridge} 仍然第三个节奏型 You'll [G]see me in hindsight [D]Tangled up with you all night [Am]Burn it [C]down [G]Someday when you leave me [D] I bet these memories [Am] Follow you a[C]round... {end_of_chorus} {end_of_chorus} {title:Wildest Dreams} {artist:Taylor Swift} {author:初雪美丽} {define: Em frets 0 4 3 2 fingers 0 0 0 0} {define: D frets 2 2 2 0 fingers 0 0 0 0}
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