{meta: 原调: 1=A} {meta: 选调: 1=A} {meta: Capo=2} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (d w)(~ u)(o u)(d u)} {comment: A} [G]How gentle is the [Bm]rain, that [C]falls [D]softly on the [G]mea[Em]dow, [C]Birds [D]high up on the [Em]trees, [C]serenade the [D]flowers [Em]with their melo[D]dies, oh~ {comment:B} [G]See there beyond the [Bm]hill, the [C]bright [D]colors of the [G]rain[Em]bow, [C]Some [D]magic from a[Em]bove, [C]make this day for [D]us just to fall in [G]love. {comment: C} [G]Now I belong to [Bm]you, from [C]this [D]day until for[G]ev[Em]er, [C]Just [D]love me tender[Em]ly, [C]and I'll give to [D]you [Em]every part of [D]me, oh~ {comment: D} [G]Don't ever make me [Bm]cry, through [C]long [D]lonely nights with[G]out [Em]love, [C]be [D]always true to [Em]me, [C]keep it stay in [D]your heart eternal[G]ly. {comment: 间奏} [G] [Bm] ([C] [D] ) ([G] [Em] ) ([C] [D] )([Em] [C] ) [D] [G] {comment: E} [G]Someday we shall re[Bm]turn, to [C]this [D]place upon the [G]mea[Em]dow, [C]we'll [D]walk out in the [Em]rain, [C]hear the birds [D]above [Em]singing once a[D]gain, oh~ {comment: F} [G]You hold me in your [Bm]arms, and [C]say [D]once again you [G]love [Em]me, [C]and [D]if your love is [Em]true, [C]everything will [D]be just as wonder[G]ful. {title:A Lover's Concerto} {artist:Ukulele Picnic} {author:Suby}
北京 朝阳区