{comment: 主歌 A} [Dm]Through the endless [G]daydream I [C]saw you on the [A7]way back [Dm]There i walked with [G]you in my [C]arms [Dm]Through the blurry [G]darkness Who’s [C]veiling on the [A7]twilight [Dm]We’ve been far [G]away from my [C]fears [A7] [Dm]Somewhere else i’ll [G]see you Our [C]days be like a [A7]blossom [Dm]Bloming all [G]around you,so [C]bright [A7] [Dm]By and by,i’ll [G]miss you And [C]your laugh like a [A7]sunshine [Dm]Fading into [G]shadow of [C]tears [A7] {comment: 主歌 B} [Dm]All around me [Em]is you light With [Dm]you,everything so [Em]shines How [Dm]come we’ll leave [Em]all behind Cause your [Dm]love is falling [Em]on my heart And I'm [F]Falling for you [Dm]Falling with broken [G]wings again [F] [G] {comment: 副歌 A} [C]Hush,[F]now my angle,[G]i will always [C]be with [C]you [Bm] [Am] In your [Dm]pretty smile,in a [C]glow of tears Out [F]across the frosty [D7]night I’ll be [G]there for you [F] [G] {comment: 副歌 B} [C]May [F]be someday you’ll [G]wake up alone [C]without [C]me [Bm] [Am]But don’t [Dm]cry again i’ll be [Em]waiting here When the [F]moon is on the [D7]rise As the [G]olden days [Dm] [G] {comment: 主歌 C} [Dm]I could just [G]with you……[C]between [A7]ourtime [Dm]Where they can't [G]find us some[C]how [A7] [Dm]You could just [G]come away……[C]with me,[A7]out there [Dm]Where we could [G]dream away……[C]all day [G] {title:Hush(鬼怪OST)} {artist:未知歌手} {author:阿鲸}
辽宁 大连