{comment: A1} [G]Such a feeling's [D]coming over [G]me Theres a wo[Bm7]nder in mos[C]t everything I see[G] Not a cl[C]oud in the [D]sky, got the[Bm7] sun in my [E7]eyes And I[C] won't be surprised if it's a dream[D] [G]Everything I want[D] the world t[G]o be Is now comi[Bm7]ng true e[C]specially for me[G] And the [C]reason is c[D]lear, it's b[Bm7]ecause you are he[E7]re You're[C] the nearest thing to heaven that I've[D] seen {comment: B} I'm on the[G] top of the world looking [C]down on creation And the o[G]nly explan[D]ation I can fin[G]d Is the[C] love that I've f[D]ound ever sin[G]ce you've been aroun[C]d Your[G] love's put me at the [D]top of the wor[G]ld {comment: A2} [G]Something in the [D]wind has learned my na[G]me And it's te[Bm7]lling me th[C]at things are not the [G]same In the l[C]eaves on th[D]e trees and [Bm7]the touch of the [E7]breeze There'[C]s a pleasing sense of happiness fo[D]r me [G]There is only one[D] wish on my [G]mind When this d[Bm7]ay is throu[C]gh I hope that I w[G]ill find tommorro[C]w will be j[D]ust the same[Bm7] for you and me[E7] All I[C] need will be mine if you are here[D] {comment: B} {title:TOP OF THE WORLD} {artist:CARPENTERS}
江苏 扬州