{meta: 微信:173 5135 2215} {meta: 节拍 78 首唱 5 最高 6} {meta: 原调 E 配 G 二级} {comment: A1} [G]How many [C]roads must a [G]man walk [G]down Be [G]fore they [C]call him a [D]man. [D7] [G]How many [C]seas must a [G]white dove [Em]sail Be [G]fore she [C]sleeps in the [D]sand. [D7] [G]How many [C]times must the [G]cannon balls [G]fly Be [G]fore they're [C]forever [D]banned. [D7] {comment: B} The [C]answer, my [D]friend, is [G]blowing in the [Em]wind The [C]answer is [D]blowing in the [G]wind [G] {comment: A2} [G]How many [C]years must a [G]mountain exi[G]st Be [G]fore it is [C]washed to the [D]sea. [D7] [G]How many [C]years can some [G]people ex[Em]ist Be [G]fore they're [C]allowed to be [D]free. [D7] [G]How many [C]times can a [G]man turn his [G]head And [G]pretend that he [C]just doesn't [D]see. [D7] {comment: A3} [G]How many [C]times must a [G]man look [G]up Be [G]fore he [C]can see the [D]sky. [D7] [G]How many [C]ears must one [G]man have, [Em]Be [G]fore he can [C]hear people [D]cry. [D7] [G]How many [C]deaths will it [G]take 'Till he [G]knows that [G]too many [C]people have [D]died. [D7] {rhythm: (5 (3 2)) ((4 1 3 2))} {define: C frets 0 0 0 3 fingers 0 0 0 4} {comment: 微信:173 5135 2215} {title:Blowing In The Wind} {artist:Bob Dylan} {author:韩星城}
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