{meta: 原调: 1=G} {rhythm: d (o u) (~ u) (o u)} [Em]Fly me to the [Am]moon and let me [D]play among the [Gm7]stars [C]Let me see what [F#m]spring is like On [B7]Jupiter and [Em]Mars [E7] In [Am7]other words [D7] hold my [Gm7]hand [E7] In [Am7]other words [D7] darling [Gm7]kiss me [F#m] [E7] ~~~~ [Em]Fill my heart with [Am]song And let me [D]sing forever [Gm7]more [C]You are all I [F#m]long for All I [B7]worship and [Em]adore [E7] In [Am7]other words [D7] please be [Gm7]true [E7] In [Am7]other words [D7] I love [Gm7]you {title:Fly Me To The Moon} {artist:Ukulele Picnic} {author:歌芮拉尤克里里}
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