{comment: Verse} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (d) (d) (d) (d)} I [C]followed my heart into the fire Got [Bm]burned, got broken down by desire I [Em]tried, I tried but the smoke in my eyes Left me [C]blurry, blurry and blind {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (d )(d u)(~ u)(d u)} I [G]picked all the pieces up off the ground Got [Bm]dirt on my fingers but that's gone now Got the [Em]glue in my hands and stickin' to the plan [C]Stickin' to the plan that says "I can" {comment: Pre-Chorus} {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (d )(d)(d u)} Do [G]anything at [D]all I can [Em]do anything at [C]all {comment: 节奏型} {rhythm: (d )(d u)(~ u)(d u)} This is my [G]kiss goodbye You can stand alone and [D]watch me fly Cause nothing's [Em]keeping me down Gonna let it all [D]up Come on and say right [C]now, right now, right now This is my [G]big hello Cause I'm here and never [D]letting go I can finally [Em]see, it's not just a [D]dream Gonna set it all [C]free, all free, all free Just set it all [G]free {title:Set it all free} {artist:Scarlett Johansson} {author:Jane Tsui}
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