{comment: 主歌A} When I am [C]down and [F]oh my soul, so [C]weary; When troubles [C]come and [F]my heart burdened [G]be; Then, I am [F]still and [G]wait here in the [Em]silence,[Am] Until you [Fmaj7]come and sit [G]awhile with [C]me. {comment: 副歌B} You raise me [Am]up, so [F]I can stand on [C]mountain[G]s; You raise me [Am]up, to [F]walk on stormy [C]seas; I am [F]strong, when I am on your [C]shoulder[Am]s; You raise me [F]up… To [G]more than I can [C]be. {title:You Raise Me Up} {artist:Josh Groban} {author:左鹏}
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