{meta: Key: 1=Db} {meta: Play: 1=F} {comment: Rhythmic Patterns} {rhythm: (3 12 12) (3 12 12) | (d (d u d u)) (d (d u d u))} [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [Am] [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [Am] The [Dm]heels of my [Am]shoes are too [Bb]slippery for [Am]grass [Dm]My day dreaming [Am]is always [Bb]set in the [Am]past [Dm]Pockets full of [Am]pebbles and [Bb]knees stained in [Am]green Dai[Dm]sy chains on [Am]my head, I'm [Bb]the garden [Am]queen The [Dm]trees in the [Am]garden take [Bb]pity on [Am]me "Go [Dm]back to the [Am]wonders of [Bb]city rou[Am]tine While [Dm]I [Am]stay [Bb]happily [Am]planted [Dm]My [Am]night [Bb]is filled with [Am]stars!" [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [Am] [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [Am] The [Dm]height of my [Am]heels is ri[Bb]diculously [Am]tall I [Dm]kept hold of your [Am]hand, still I [Bb]tumble and [Am]fall The [Dm]crabs in the [Am]coast line take [Bb]pity on [Am]me "Go [Dm]back to the [Am]wonders of [Bb]beauty re[Am]gimes!" The [Dm]fish in the [Am]ocean take [Bb]pity on [Am]me "Go [Dm]back to the [Am]wonders of [Bb]cheap chemis[Am]try While [Dm]I [Am]stay [Bb]happily [Am]floating [Dm]My [Am]night [Bb]is filled with [Am]stars!" [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [Am] [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [Am] {title:Of all living creatures, why a human being?} {artist:Alondra Bentley} {author:Eagle}
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